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In advance of Veterans Day on Nov. 11, Rock Your Purple invites you to celebrate a special veteran who has touched your life.

"Celebrate Veterans" Showcase

Share a favorite memory, a lesson learned, or a meaningful connection with a special veteran in your life!

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Previous Contests

RYP Create Your Own Mascot Landing Page Image

"Create Your Own Lifespark Mascot" Contest

Sock puppet, pet rock, furry friend, life-sized thingamjig – whatever sparks your creativity!

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"Bean Counting Bonanza" Contest

You don’t need a degree in accounting to win this contest – just your best guess and a little luck!


"Purple Fridays" Contest

Why settle for “Casual Fridays” when you can have “Purple Fridays”??!

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"Rock Your Purple" Selfie Contest


Where do you “Rock Your Purple”? Send us your selfies!

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"Who's Who" Photo-Matching Game

Guess who they were before they started aging magnificently!

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"More Rockin.' Less Chair." Music Video Contest

Grab the mic and channel your inner rocker!

Puzzle Project

Puzzle Project

How do we spark lives and empower seniors to age magnificently? By solving this puzzle together! Take a look!


Website Scavenger Hunt

Check out the winners of the weekly prize drawings!

Puzzle Project

"Act Your Age" Photo/Video Contest

See how fellow Lifesparkers are acting their age!

Purple Power in Action!

See how your "Rock Your Purple" ambassadors are rallying their fellow Lifesparkers to get in on the action—and the Lifespark swag!

Purple Rain TikTok

Sparked Interview with Ambassadors - Laura Kahlbaugh, Tina Belschner, and Beth Nemec

Spark Your Space  with Gigi DesLauriers-Knop

Polar Ridge TikTok