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Website Scavenger Hunt

Tally all the purple people (a.k.a., your fellow Lifesparkers) to win cool prizes!

How to Play

  • Scroll through our new website (lifespark.com) and count all the Lifespark team members, past and present, in photos. (You didn’t hear this from us, but some of those purple-clad people are actually models.)
  • Do not count videos or any images in all the posts on the “Get Inspired” page.
  • Enter once or every week to be eligible for ALL weekly prize drawings. Good luck!
  • Contest ends on Nov. 5 at 5 PM Central Time.

Congrats to all the winners!

Winners for the week ending Oct. 29:

  • Jennifer Thompson

  • Shevon Olson

  • Richard Baumann

  • Amber Whetzel

  • Fita Adea

Winners for the week ending Oct. 29:

  • John Powers

  • Anu Kshetrapal

  • Tylonda Robledo

  • Virginia Buck

  • Meggan Newbold, Homespire

Sharon Fields-CheWinners for the week ending Oct. 22:

  • Priscilla Cartwright

  • Tyneshia Gary 

  • Bryanna Renner 

  • Vicki Emerfoll

  • Sharon Fields-Chessor